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To me, a photograph represents a frozen time slice caught in a medium that delivers a window like view of the subject at that exact moment. From one of these windows, we can see our children as they were long ago or just moments ago. We can see places that we've been or the destinations our minds dream of . We can remember the events that changed our lives and we can share them with those we love. Photographs can provide a visual chronology of the things that define us. 

My name is Jay Pike and I'm a portrait and landscape photographer with over 10 years of experience helping capture some of the most wonderful moments in a photograph. Weddings, family photos, business, children, seniors... I'm available to photograph any time anywhere.  I’m a second generation wedding photographer that has been shooting 12-20 weddings a year since 2000. I pride myself on the end product and I have plenty of happily married couples out there with beautiful wedding photos on their walls, in books, and in memories to prove it. I bled my style of photography to be a mixture of Creative, Journalistic, and Formal to give my clients the best of all three styles. I do use assistants and typically bring 2 with me for Wedding events. I prefer to be with you both the entire day: from the start of the bride and brides maids getting their hair done, getting dressed, etc, all the way through the dance after the reception. I also would greatly appreciate being able to be at any rehearsal wedding event that you may have as well so that I can see and understand the flow of the wedding day. I strive to turn over around 1,500 - 3,000 usable images within 2-3 weeks following the wedding. The end product will be an event website that you can share on social media, with friends and relatives, and each other and a DVD with the images on it along with a copyright release waiver that will allow you to print the images where ever you want.

Please take a look at the sample images in the Galleries page and if you like what you see, allow me the opportunity to capture some important moments for you as well. 

Although most of my clientele are based in SouthWest Michigan, I love to travel, so feel free to contact me if you have an opportunity that falls outside of this area. 

Jay Pike 
Portrait & Landscape Photography
(269) 329-0259

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